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Journeys in Creative Writing - by June Saville (NSW)

Last Update: Friday, 19th Dec, 2008 15:28:00
June Saville's original short stories and poetry
Categories: Creative Writing, History, Social Issues, Literature, Environment

Personal Reflections - by Jim Belshaw (NSW)

Last Update: Saturday, 27th Dec, 2008 11:06:00
My blogs reflect my varied interests. An economist and historian by training, I worked as a senior public servant before moving to the private sector as a manager, strategic consultant and free lance researcher and social commentator.
Categories: Personal/General, Education, Politics, Culture/Pop Culture, Blogging, News/Current Events, History, Social Issues, Economics

Vintage Venus - by Vintage Venus (NSW)

Last Update: Thursday, 23rd Oct, 2008 23:16:00
Categories: Photography, Fashion, History, Arts

Subtle Plagiarism - by Emma (VIC)

Last Update: Thursday, 4th Dec, 2008 08:47:00
Subtle Plagiarism...
Categories: Politics, Religion/Faith, News/Current Events, History, Social Issues, Self Improvement, Literature, Family

A Dancing Bear - by David Free (ACT)

Last Update: Thursday, 13th Nov, 2008 12:24:00
Pointless excellence in blogging since earlier this year
Categories: Humour, Film, Television, Creative Writing, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Media, History, Sport, Arts, Literature - by Alana Jonez (VIC)

Last Update: Sunday, 30th Nov, 2008 14:57:23
Categories: Photography, Personal/General, Web, Politics, Culture/Pop Culture, News/Current Events, Science, Transport, History, Sexuality, Social Issues, Arts, Animals, Love/Relationships, Environment, Medicine - by Andy (NSW)

Last Update: Monday, 15th Dec, 2008 01:06:40
Atheist, philosophical &#38; personal blog of a kiwi
Categories: Personal/General, Education, Politics, Humour, Religion/Faith, Blogging, News/Current Events, Media, History, Self Improvement, Literature, Family, Philosophy, Environment

John Oxley Library Blog - by State Library of Queensland (QLD)

Last Update: Wednesday, 17th Dec, 2008 03:59:07
Discover, learn and contribute
Categories: Education, Library, History

Hosky Family Adventures with Autism - by Mrs Hosky (SA)

Last Update: Site not yet checked
Categories: Food, Blogging, History, Family

Roman Eagles - by Imperator (VIC)

Last Update: Monday, 15th Dec, 2008 11:33:00
Categories: Education, Film, Religion/Faith, History, Literature, Philosophy

Talking TelevisionAU - by TelevisionAU (VIC)

Last Update: Friday, 26th Dec, 2008 23:29:00
Dedicated to the discussion of Australian television, in particular its history and evolution - as well as its present, and even future!! It can include anything including programs, personalities, TV stations and networks.
Categories: History, Media, Television

Talk'N Tours - Self Guided Walking Tours - by Woywegian (NSW)

Last Update: Site not yet checked
Categories: Sport, History, Transport, Travel

sails of oblivion - by sam sejavka (VIC)

Last Update: Wednesday, 24th Dec, 2008 10:52:00
A Diary of The Ulterior wars
Categories: Personal/General, Creative Writing, Culture/Pop Culture, History, Literature, Love/Relationships

Amid the days - by Dzm (VIC)

Last Update: Monday, 17th Dec, 2007 21:43:00
Thoughts to keep, some to throw away
Categories: Photography, Humour, Film, Sex, Creative Writing, Culture/Pop Culture, Design, Craft, History, Sexuality, Arts, Family, Philosophy, Love/Relationships

Darragh Murray Dot Com - by Darragh Murray (QLD)

Last Update: Sunday, 14th Dec, 2008 12:11:08
Darragh Murray Dot ComIt is not the critic who counts
Categories: Humour, Film, Tech, Creative Writing, Culture/Pop Culture, History, Arts, Philosophy

In My Opinion - by lazerzap (SA)

Last Update: Monday, 25th Jun, 2007 16:49:00
In My OpinionEverything on this site is posted as my own personal opinion.
Categories: Web, Politics, Humour, Tech, Religion/Faith, Software Development, News/Current Events, History, Social Issues, Family, Philosophy

Abbotsford Blog - by Abbotsfordblogger (VIC)

Last Update: Tuesday, 7th Oct, 2008 10:50:03
Abbotsford BlogThe world from the perspective of Melbourne's best suburb
Categories: Photography, Food, News/Current Events, History

Amazing Australia - by Kevin Patrick & Doug Holgate (VIC)

Last Update: Wednesday, 19th Nov, 2008 01:07:00
Amazing AustraliaAmazing Australia is an exciting new series of kids' books, exploring Australia's weird and wonderful history.
Categories: Media, History, Literature, Comics/Graphic Novels

Hobart Daily - by Greg (TAS)

Last Update: Friday, 26th Dec, 2008 03:41:53
Hobart DailyA Daily Hobart Photo
Categories: Photography, News/Current Events, Travel, History, Environment

WA Stories - by Greg (???)

Last Update: Monday, 5th Nov, 2007 20:30:09
WA StoriesStories and Memories of Aussies by Aussies
Categories: Personal/General, Humour, History, Family
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