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Software Development Blogs in All States

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Last Update: Thursday, 26th Oct, 2006 08:00:50
Categories: Web, Education, Politics, Software Development, Science

Damian M - by Damian (NSW)

Last Update: Wednesday, 12th Nov, 2008 01:11:00
Damian Moccasional ramblings
Categories: Tech, Software Development

Sublime Software - by Matt (VIC)

Last Update: Wednesday, 23rd Apr, 2008 23:42:00
Sublime Softwareit's all just ones &; zeros! musings by an australian c++ developer...
Categories: Tech, Software Development

Managed from down under - by David Kean (???)

Last Update: Tuesday, 24th Apr, 2007 06:54:00
Managed from down underan australian's perspective on .net, fxcop and working at microsoft.
Categories: Tech, Software Development

Code In Zen - by Jim Vrckovski (NSW)

Last Update: Saturday, 24th Jun, 2006 22:22:56
Code In Zencode in zen - one with the code. jim vrckovski's blog.
Categories: Tech, Software Development

User Interface Blog - by Marco (ACT)

Last Update: Thursday, 1st Nov, 2007 20:02:14
User Interface Blogall about usability of user interfaces
Categories: Tech, Software Development, Design

Some Guy Ranting - by Luke Welling (VIC)

Last Update: Saturday, 20th Dec, 2008 23:01:49
Some Guy Rantingjust another nerd's weblog
Categories: Web, Software Development

Glavs Blog - by Paul Glavich (NSW)

Last Update: Saturday, 6th Dec, 2008 05:08:33
Glavs Blogthe dotdude of .net
Categories: Tech, Software Development

RockyH - Security First - by Rocky (ACT)

Last Update: Wednesday, 18th Jul, 2007 06:11:41
RockyH - Security - security first!
Categories: Tech, Software Development

Gurkan Yeniceri - by Gurkan Yeniceri (ACT)

Last Update: Wednesday, 20th Aug, 2008 13:32:50
Gurkan, programming, geek
Categories: Software Development

Frakkle - by Frak (ACT)

Last Update: Tuesday, 23rd Sep, 2008 21:17:00
Frakklea spot on the internet
Categories: Software Development

Paint the Tiger, Carve the Swan - by Matt (SA)

Last Update: Friday, 6th Jul, 2007 14:51:33
Paint the Tiger, Carve the Swanlike a fortune cookie, only without the fortune, and not a cookie.
Categories: Web, Software Development, Blogging

change is good - by Daniel Crowley - Wilson (NSW)

Last Update: Thursday, 6th Nov, 2008 02:05:51
change is and microsoft research and development. media musings. ponderings on systems elegance. tributes to science fiction. obscure references to japanese culture.
Categories: Software Development

Standard Deviation - by Warren (TAS)

Last Update: Tuesday, 7th Oct, 2008 00:21:48
Standard Deviationjust ahead of the curve...
Categories: Tech, Software Development

templatedata - by Andrew Jessup, Georgina Hibberd, Ryan (NSW)

Last Update: Tuesday, 4th Nov, 2008 01:44:20
Categories: Education, Tech, Software Development

Adrian Lynch's Home Page - by Adrian Lynch (WA)

Last Update: Site not yet checked
Adrian Lynch's Home Page
Categories: Web, Tech, Software Development

pureCaffeine - by Nathanael (ACT)

Last Update: Tuesday, 16th Dec, 2008 22:31:22
Categories: Web, Software Development

Rusty's Bleeding Edge Page - by Rusty Russell (ACT)

Last Update: Sunday, 9th Nov, 2008 23:14:00
Rusty's Bleeding Edge Pagerusty's bleeding edge page
Categories: Tech, Software Development

Nik Cubrilovic - by Nik Cubrilovic (NSW)

Last Update: Friday, 24th Aug, 2007 16:23:28
Nik Cubrilovica weblog about implementing the new web
Categories: Tech, Software Development
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